mewtwo new form!

So there is a big love/hate war on the internet from the new Mewtwo form. When it was first released, it was uncertain if the new Mewtwo-eqsue Pokemon was actually Mewtwo or a new Legendary that looked similar. Many people were flipping tables because they hated that Nintendo had touched a first generation legendary. Many were hoping it wasn’t Mewtwo. I actually saw some posts about people saying they’d “quit Pokemon” if it was Mewtwo.
there’s a lot of tears

Now a day or so ago Nintendo confirmed it is Mewtwo! There was a movie trailer and Mewtwo was shown clearly transforming into it’s new badass form. (Here is a clip!) The ‘mysterious’ connection that some fans were hoping was a new Pokemon entirely just meant it was a new form I guess!

Now how do I feel about this ‘newmew?’ I’ve never been a big Mewtwo fan so I’m not upset they touched a first generation Pokemon. I honestly think it’s pretty cool looking! Some fanart is really great and makes it look even cooler. I love the little purple fingers and toes. I do find it kind of weird the new form seems shorter than the original, however we’ve learned from shows like Dragonball Z that transformations can equal smaller forms. Y’know, like Frieza, who only had like what 4 forms or whatever…
as you can see many fans are comparing him to DBZ characters!

I can understand some people aren’t that excited over the 6th gen. Some people have given up on previous Pokemon generations. But to freak out and say Nintendo is stupid/should give up/never touch Generation 1 like this need to realize, Nintendo is never going to stop. If people buy the games, they are going to keep making games. They can do whatever they want to any Pokemon. I can understand some people have nostalgia or love Mewtwo but… it’s here to stay. No need to flip tables and flame the internet really. You don’t have to love it but complaining how stupid it is won’t help. It just spurns the people who think the new form is cool and the people who are thrilled for X & Y. Like me!
how can you not love it after pictures like this omg

I honestly hope they keep pumping out Pokemon games until I’m 80. I don’t care if the Pokemon seem redundant or lame. There’s ones like that every generation. There’s some pretty ugly uncreative ones in the first gen for crying out loud! But there are some amazing ones every generation, too. And believe it or not, every Pokemon has a fan. I’ve seen it myself on a collecting community, Pokemon Collectors! Every Pokemon has a fan I swear. Even ones I think are weird looking (I’m looking at you cryogonal) have fans. They just don’t have as many fans.

Anyway, Pokemon has always been about evolution, new discoveries, and new adventures! So the fact they’re bringing in a new Eeveelution and a new forme for Mewtwo … it’s just Nintendo doing what they’ve always done. They’re trying to expand the Pokemon world. The original Mewtwo is still there, it’s not gone forever or anything. There just the option of a new forme. If you don’t like it, well go hug your old Mewtwo ’cause he still needs love too!
mew loves u

Anywho, I could rant forever about how I adore new Pokemon and detest the genwunners…

…but then I’d be no better than the gen 1 lovers who boo hoo over everything. I will just leave you with some awesome Mewtwo fanart that will either make you cry harder, or make you love bottle opener/butthead Mewtwo!

And that’s enough of that! Aren’t some of those really great though??? I thought so anyway! All I have to say about the announcement is I was disappointed it wasn’t bigger news that Saturday. Why wouldn’t it a reveal of Fennekin’s evolution to confirm it’s not a fire/fighting type, or tell us what type Sylveon is so we don’t have to keep guessing, huh!? I like the new Mewtwo. I might get one, and name it Butthead, who knows! I’ll end this with a Sylveon picture just because!


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11 Responses to mewtwo new form!

  1. Delenir says:

    Long live the evolution of Pokemon!!!

  2. Nyancy says:

    I agree with everything you’ve said! Can’t wait to play the game… *w*

  3. BOB HANDBAG says:

    I am pretty dissapointed that mewtwo has a new form, but i still like pokemon. But i really think the shouldn’t have done this to mewtwo… Mewtwo was one of my favorite pokemon, they should have made it mewthree in my opinion.

  4. It is pretty awesome, but I hate it’s X form. I mean, it’s a disgrace to the Pokémon world / water world! 😦 EAT IT MEWTWO X FORM !!!


  6. Also, we kinda got a sneak peak of it in Pokémon The Rise of Genesect or whatever. IS POKÉMON PLANNING AHEAD?!

  7. Delenir says:

    Commenting so I can subscribe to your future updates!

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