I wish I had a Pet Girl!

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou has been airing on Crunchyroll since October I believe, but the husband and I just recently started watching it as it’s had caught my eye with the PVs. Seeing a cute girl with long hair naked while surrounded by her messy room of assorted clothing (and tons of panties) and other various clips from the anime in those short trailers intrigued me as I like cute girls and I am not ashamed to say I enjoy some fanservice!

Sleeping amongst bras and panties is a normal thing to do right?

Let me break down the premise of Pet Girl. Sorata Kanda is a highschooler attending a highschool that is affiliated with Sumei University of the Arts. He has been forced to live in a particular dormitory called Sakura Hall where all the stranger and troublemaking students live. Sorato has to live here due to taking in stray cats that were not allowed in the regular dormitories and refusing to give up the stray cats. Hurrah for cats! At first Sorato wants to move out of Sakura Hall because the other residents are all so strange and the hall itself has a bad name, but he is reluctant after a world famous artist Mashiro Shiina transfers to the school to draw manga. Mashiro has done nothing her entire life but focus on drawing and has no common sense and lacks the ability to take care of herself. It’s kind of strange to believe that there could be a high school girl that can hardly dress herself, but it does make for an adorable character!

Don’t forget the kitties! Kitties, kitties everywhere!

Sorata ends up nominated as the “caretaker” of Mashiro when else in Sakura Hall pins the responsibility on him. The dorm teacher, Chihiro, even forced Sorata to go pick up Mashiro from the start and insists he takes care of her despite Mashiro being her cousin. Chihiro-sensei is very lazy and drinks beer all the time. No wonder she lives at Sakura Hall! Now for the other residents… they are all quirky in their own way as well! Misaki is a genius animator and great at drawing but is very hyperactive. She likes to barge into Sorata’s room via his window. There is also Jin, Misaki’s childhood friend who Misaki obviously pines over, but he is a playboy and is often out at night with women (this is why he has to live at Sakura Hall). He seems to ignore the fact Misaki is throwing herself at him all the time (although there is more to it  Then there is Ryunosuke who rarely leaves his room. In fact, he doesn’t make an actual appearance until quite a few episodes in. He contacts the others via instant messenger and cellphone. He is an expert computer programmer but has a fear of women and has more faith in tomatoes than humans. His hair is also insanely long so I like him a lot! Also there is the adorable Nanami. At first she lives in the regular dorms, but due to financial reasons lives in Sakura Hall after a while. She has a crush on Sorata but he is of course too dense to notice. She is a hard working girl who tries to rely only on herself.

Another group shot!
Sakura Hall Residents!

The show basically follows the daily lives of the Sakura Hall residents. Especially that of Sorata and Mashiro. Sorata has to take care of Mashiro, to the point of having to pick out panties for her as she’ll sometimes forget to put them on,  but he doesn’t seem to resent doing all this. (Maybe because she is so adorable?) He watches her successfully create manga and feels intimidated by her genius at first, but slowly begins to learn he has his own potential and a lot of the show is about Sorata trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. Mashiro also begins to learn more about emotions and such, to the point she may actually be experiencing feelings for Sorata (which causes a love triangle of sorts since Nanami likes him too). So while this show has a lot of silliness and fan service, it also has a lot about the character’s mental growth and relationships.

three main girls!
This is one of the first shows where I have loved all the female characters! Even genki Misaki!

If you like romantic comedies and don’t mind a few panty shots here and there (there are actually very few) or a few “accidentally walking in on naked girl” scenes (which there are a few more of!), you will not be disappointed with this show as it has deeper themes than some comedies. There are many scenes that made me laugh aloud, such as when Mashiro puts about five blankets on the sleeping Sorata because she just doesn’t know what she is doing! Also the opening and endings song are quite catchy which doesn’t hurt :]

Mashiro is adorable… and her lack of common sense makes for some funny scenes!

As you can tell, I highly recommend this show. It has cute girls, lots of funny scenes, cats, and even a boy in a maid outfit! Okay maybe that last thing would only catch my attention but… still, in case you like cross dressing! But seriously if you like romantic comedies there is no reason whatsoever you will not like this!

The wise Mashiro has spoken! Faith in panties has been restored!

EDIT: I felt bad not mentioning Rita as she isn’t a resident of Sakura Hall but she is an important character. She is also awesome and likes to pick at Ryunosuke so here is a great gif!



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2 Responses to I wish I had a Pet Girl!

  1. Delenir says:

    I’ve always had great faith in panties!

  2. You gotta admit, it IS pretty tempting, but heck! We still got kitties!

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