As you may have realized I am a Pokemon fanatic. On January 8 there was a scheduled livestream on the Nintendo Direct site. Once I had heard the news I was excited because I knew it was going to be important as Satoru Iwata was going to be making the live announcement! It aired 8 pm Japanese time and fortunately wasn’t too early in the morning in my timezone. I am always up at 7 am any way so it worked perfectly for me. I was so excited watching the presentation… if you haven’t seen it, you can still watch it in the archives on the Nintendo Direct site! It’s a very fun watch if you want to watch an overview of the history of the main Pokemon games. Of course it was a buildup to the next Generation of Pokemon!

Pokemon X and Y
These Pokemon games are also getting a worldwide release. How sweet is that!?!

I was so excited when the trailer came on and showed that the new games would be given a 3DS-licious makeover. Ever since Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was released for the 3DS my husband has often said that if there was a main Pokemon game done with those same graphics it’d be awesome. He was so right! I’ll admit for a split second at the beginning of the clip seeing the 3D male trainer I was like “Oh no no no, but I like sprites!”, but moments later as they showed the beautiful landscapes and how amazing the Pokemon battles will look I changed my mind and am so excited for the potential of these games!

yes yes yes! yes!! yessss!YES!!!

For the first time ever the starters were revealed with all international games right in the trailer. No silhouettes to make us wonder, no teasers, just flat out “here are the starters in all their glory!”

For the first time in a while I quite like all three!

There has been a lot of positive comments on these starters, and I actually like all three as well! I usually have one I am a bit iffy over (like last generation I wasn’t crazy over Tepig). Out of these three I like Fennekin the most by far and so does the rest of the internet. Fan art has EXPLODED ever since a half hour after the livestream! Froakie and Chespin seem to be fighting for being the next popular. I honestly can’t decide. I don’t normally like frog-like Pokemon but something about Froakie is just cute. At first I was a bit put off by Chespin because he is mostly brown. Starters have always been super green. Then I realized it looks like he is wearing a hat thing and it’s just adorable! Fennekin is definitely who I will be picking though. I just hope he isn’t a fire/fighting type…

The internet was flooded with adorable fanart just a half hour after the announcement!

The two legendaries were also shown in the trailer (and their names were released the next day I believe). They are shaped a bit like the letters X and Y which is pretty neat! Their names are Xerneas and Yveltal!

Xerneas Yveltal
So cool!

My favorite is Xerneas by far. He looks like a majestic deer spirit thing. My first thought was the forest spirit from Princess Mononoke. I have discovered a lot of people shared the same thoughts!

majestic deer things!
They have a few similarities! Mostly crazy antlers!

The trainers look pretty interesting as well. There hasn’t been super clear shots of the female trainer in the trailer or any official artwork outside the trailers but this doesn’t stop artists from drawing the new trainers! The artwork is fabulous too!

X and Y trainer
The girl is adorable!!!!!!!

With the release date being in October there is still quite a wait. More information will be revealed slowly. Such as why the trainers are wearing glasses on their hats. Maybe why they have changed to roller skates instead of a bike (I had to have the roller skates pointed out to me, I thought they were just gliding/walking strangely… OTL). Or the name of the region and maybe let the fans know if it is based of Europe (or France specifically) like lots of people are speculating. More Pokemon will be shown too, and I really hope there is some kinda fire lion Pokemon, or a peacock or a dolphin one! We need more cute animal Pokemon! ●´∀`●

If we get any more super cute Pokemon like Fennekin my teeth are going to rot! ;w;

Basically I am so super pumped for this generation that it is not fit. After the livestream I danced around with my 2 year old son freaking out happily and then rewatched the amazing trailer 5 times or so (in fact I watched it again just now). Then the husband and I drank some Black Tower wine to celebrate that evening. I even wanted to try the Black Tower brand because of the Black Tower in Pokemon Black 2! I am such a geek. I am still tempted to get up and dance over the announcement. This is the first 3D main Pokemon game and it looks like it will be a fantastic adventure. How could you not want to get up and dance!?


Overall I am so excited it’s not even fit. Being a huge Pokemon fanatic can be crazy sometimes! I also sense a dangerous addiction to Fennekin developing! That little guy is just SO cute! A little Poke-firefox! I will just leave this post as it is now, or I will be here all afternoon exclaiming my love for a game that isn’t even coming out until October! ≧∀≦

why can't I hold all these foxes
Cnever have too many Fennekins!


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5 Responses to POKEMON X AND Y

  1. vega says:

    Awwwwww Fennekin is so cute!!! I’m definately choosing it! ❤

  2. Delenir says:

    To paraphrase what they said about the new style in wind waker: For Pokemon to grow, it cannot stay the same. Bring on the 3d!

  3. James says:

    this game is going to be SO much fun!!!!

  4. Fennekin is basically the thing that got me hyped on Pokémon again. When I got the game on it’s release day, I got a Fennekin about 5 times until I got it’s shiny sprite, and named him Firefox. Ever since, I have put Fennekin 2nd on my fav. Pokémon list, (after Mew) and have favored him in all his glory!!! LONG LIVE FENNEKIN!!!

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