Economics is fun

I am going to be watching a new winter anime, Maoyu, that Crunchyroll is actually simulcasting. Although only one episode is out I am excited for this series. Why? Because it reminds me of Spice and Wolf. Medieval economics for the win!

seriously… the economics hurt my head

If you have never watched Spice and Wolf, I will break it down quickly. It’s about a young aspiring merchant, Lawrence, that travels the lands trying to gain good business so he can someday open a shop. He visits a familiar village during a festival for the local wheat deity and then finds said wheat deity sleeping naked in his cart. Horo the wise wolf had been the deity of the land for many years, but the village has ended up not needing her anymore and she has become very lonely. She asks for Lawrence to help her return back to her home in the far North. He agrees as long as she helps make money along the journey. Often Horo ends up indulging on sweets, apples, and liquor with the money she earns and then Lawrence carries her back to their inn room, but she also proves to be intelligent and a quick learner and helps Lawrence out. They also grow closer during their travel through economics land, and seeing them interact is what really makes the show.

silly scenes like this are the best

This current series Maoyu is similar in a sense. It takes place in a medieval setting where humans and demons are at war with one another. A Hero has been chosen to vanquish the Demon King alone. However, when he barges into the castle he finds the Demon King is actually a woman who is not looking for a fight. In fact, she’s looking to form an alliance with the Hero. She explains a sudden end to this war would not benefit either the human realm or the demon realm as the lands would fight among themselves. The Hero eventually decides to participate in the alliance and work with the Demon King to find a way to create lasting peace and prosperity for both parties in the war. The Demon King talks about the economics of the war and how it’s actually benefiting some of the nations, thus the reason they have to approach the end of the war cautiously as a sudden cut off of said benefits would cause war within the lands. Did I mention the Demon King has massive breasts that the Hero and I can’t help staring at?

this is what has happened thus far

The Demon King seems to have been waiting for the Hero and declares her love for him and seems obsessed with trying to touch/hug him, much to the Hero’s dismay as he is very flustered about the busty demon. I can’t blame him though. I would be, too, were I in his place!

I just love how cute and silly yet intelligent the Demon King is! Also, the Hero and Demon King voice actors are the same as Lawrence and Horo!   (´∀`)♡

This show just reminds me of Spice and Wolf. Serious overall plot, girl character who is not human, potential romance among cute main characters, and silly moments that don’t ruin the  overall atmosphere of the show. I am excited for more screen time of the other characters, as well, although I don’t think any will top how awesome the Demon King has been so far! Looking forward to the next episode! I definitely recommend it to everyone (even though only one episode is out… ha!).

Enjoy some amazing fanart of the Hero and Demon King!


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  1. Delenir says:

    I feel an economic boom coming on!

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