Starting the new year with all the feels!

It’s a new year! Finally New Year’s Eve is OVER! It was hectic for me since I had to work, but now I am relaxing in pajamas and writing a post. Today I want to post about anime series I have watched that have made me feel all the feels and cry.


If you are anything like me, once in a while you watch a touching anime and get teary eyed. I’ve seen a few with moments like that and I wanted to share the series that touched me in that way. Hopefully you won’t cry from all the feels. Also I am totally posting ‘spoiler’ pictures so disregard the entire post if you worry about stuff like that!

These are in no particular order. I will start with the one that made me cry the hardest, but they all made me super sad!

penguindrum cry
Mawaru Penguindrum
is an amazing series. Although some of it does not make sense (unless you look up wikis for explanations like me), it is still an emotional and fun journey of three siblings and their love for one another. Oh and penguins! I am not ashamed to say I cried my heart out during the last episode. There was so much emotion when the brothers make ultimate sacrifices for the ones they love. The part that got me the most was when  Himari finds a letter from her brothers, who she doesn’t even remember existing, and she starts to cry. I was already crying but when I saw this letter scene… I cried harder ;△; I would post more scenes from this but the last episode was so emotional for me I can’t handle it!

madoka sad scene
Some people argue that Madoka Magica didn’t have a sad ending because while Madoka does sacrifice herself for the sake of other magical girls and everyone forgets she even existed (except Homura), Madoka was happy and willing to make this decision. Homura of course is heartbroken but knows Madoka did this because she is a truly kind person. The scene that really got me s when Homura comes across Madoka’s parents and brother. The little brother seems to remember Madoka somewhat, but the parents have no idea what he’s talking about. When Madoka’s mother sits down to talk to Homura and says she feels nostalgic over the name “Madoka”… I don’t know. I didn’t cry from this scene, but I definitely felt emotion. Being a mother myself might be a reason? Thinking about how she had a daughter she once loved but now can’t even remember… It just tugs my motherly heart strings!

seventh sad scene
Mirai Nikki is a crazy intense anime full of death, backstabbing, plot twists, and obsessive girlfriends. It’s not just a mindless slasher anime, though, as there was a lot of emotional scenes throughout the series. Most of the characters either scared me or annoyed me so I wasn’t as sad when they died. However, I was very sad over Seventh, Marco and Ai’s, death. Marco and Ai seem like a couple of assholes when you first meet them, but as you see their past and learn that they want to beat the Survival Game so they can live together forever as Gods… you know they are truly in love. The entire death scene just gets to me… especially as Marco holds Ai after she has died and her future diary changes to “Marco came to save me, he’s so cool.” Then Marco says that this is forever… I’m teary eyed now!  Have some photos of their tragic past as well. This just adds to the tragedy that is Seventh.


Anohana was a very emotional anime for me. It’s about five teenage friends who had been very close as kids, but had a sixth friend, Menma, who had died in an accident. All the friends have drifted apart since and all have issues related to Menma’s death in one way or another. Jintan, the main character, suddenly can see a slightly older looking Menma. At first he thinks he is going crazy but Menma has come back as a ghost and only he can see her. Throughout the anime, Jintan tries to get the friends back together at their old clubhouse so they can try to figure out how to get Menma to pass on peacefully to the next world. There are many emotions throughout. I was fighting tears throughout the ending scene and get teary eyed looking at pictures of the letters she wrote at the end for all her friends before she finally passes on. The only way I can truly show what scenes got me the most is to post these well made .gifs I found!

Tsuruko ;_; Yukiatsu ;_; Poppo ;_; Anaru ;_; Jintan!!!! ;____;
The letter to Jintan about Menma wanting to marry him… oh gosh (;△;)

taiga sad
Toradora is my favorite romantic comedy by far. Taiga and Ryuuji just make the show. They start off trying to help each other win the affections of other classmates, but through the series Taiga starts to love Ryuuji. She truly realizes this when she lets Ryuuji go back to the Christmas party at school to see Minorin, the girl he likes, and then she starts to cry out of the blue. She realizes it’s because she doesn’t want Ryuuji to go, so she runs out to the street crying his name. This is one of the scenes that sticks out the most in my mind for this series. Seeing the usually fiery Taiga break down crying on the sidewalk because she’s realizing she wants Ryuuji… oh Taiga, I love you and I’m sad seeing you sad!

Chu2Koi was one of my most favorite anime of last season. It’s about Rikka who suffers from “eighth grade syndrome” where she acts like she has magical powers all the time, and Yuuta, a boy who previously suffering from the syndrome and now is putting up with Rikka. The two fall in love throughout the series and Yuuta comes to realize Rikka actually acts the way she does as a result of the shock of her father’s death a few years before. It is her way of dealing with it. She seeks the “Ethereal/Unseen Horizon” throughout the series and you learn it’s her father she is wishing to find, so she can properly say goodbye. The ending has Yuuta using his “powers” to summon the Horizon so Rikka can finally say goodbye. It shows flashbacks of cute little Rikka happy with her Papa. I was fighting back tears the whole time!

While Sachi was only in episode 3 of Sword Art Online, it was still a fairly sad episode. In the MMO of Sword Art Online, if you die in game, you die in real life. Sachi is a weak player who is scared of dying. When Kirito, who is pretty well the strongest player in the game, meets Sachi and her guild, he decides to join them. I can’t remember why exactly, maybe it was because Sachi was cute like his sister or he felt bad for the guild in general… anyway, Kirito is adventuring with most of the guild members in a stronger dungeon when some of the dumbasses rush into a room that is a trap. Enemies galore come out and easily kill everyone. Kirito survives as he can certainly handle himself, but he is not fast enough to safe the others. Sachi just shoots him a sad smile and thanks him. She had a feeling this would happen sooner or later, but Kirito can’t believe he let this happen.

Kirito is still mourning her death at Christmas time. He completes a hard Christmas quest to obtain an item to revive another player, but to his dismay the item can only revive someone within 10 seconds of death. So while he is moping, he receives a gift from Sachi. It had been a message she recorded before her death. She encourages him to win the game even though she knows she will be dead at some point and then hums him a Christmas song. Although this all happened to a character you just met and was all contained in one episode, it was still very sad! ;__;

I’m sure I could pick out more sad scenes from other anime, like from Higurashi or Umineko, but since those are particular ones are time loops I don’t get as sad over them. Also, I’d be here all day if I nitpicked every series I liked for sad scenes. Today, I will leave it at this because just from posting these ones I has some tears! Enough of that for today!



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  1. Delenir says:

    Oh Britty… there are so many feels in your post 😥 I think Ano Hana still hits the hardest though…

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