More… guys!?!

I realized I had forgotten some dudes in the previous anime guy post. So here is another post. I wanted an excuse to post more pictures!

who are you?
Canada from Hetalia is a guy I just HAVE to love. I mean, I’m Canadian. I have to respect my home land you know! Plus I love his character. I remember the first episode he comes in… Canada is sitting in on a meeting and the other countries realize there is an extra person at the meeting but can’t seem to see them. It’s because Canada has a skill at being unnoticed much to his dismay. He is so quiet and passive that he is adorable. Even his pet polar bear can’t remember his name! Everyone is always mistaking him for America, or just plain forgetting his name. Even England, who raised him, thinks he is America sometimes! Only France and America seems to remembe Canada, but that’s because France probably wants in his pants, and America has to keep reminding him how cool America is.

True story?

As you know I am a huge Hetalia fan, so I pretty well like all the guys from the show. Here are some gifs to reiterate the fact I am obsessed with fruity bishounen.



calm yo hormones

lol canada

poor england

america's got a big gun


Okay enough of that! Moving on!

badass masou shoujo
Ayumu is from Kore wa Zombie desu ka? and I can’t believe I forgot him from the last post!!! He was a regular dude until he got killed and revived as a zombie by a cute Necromancer who now lives with him, then a masou shoujo starts living with him and he accidently takes her transformation powers from her and has to turn into a masou shoujo instead. Then a vampire ninja who thinks he is shit moves in, and then he accidently marries another vampire ninja by kissing her. He’s always getting tangled up in th and is often cross-dressing in his frilly masou shoujo getup. You know how I love cross-dressing!

it's true
This is so true it hurts

I always prefer the female characters, but the male trainers in Pokemon are always cool. although I don’t really like the Platinum’s hat (one on the far right) and the Emerald guy is so-so (second from left). I do, however, adore the other three. Do you know what games they are from? If you’ve played the games you should know!!!

ohhh yeaaah
I had to include some boobs girls

oh god yes
I haven’t played many Zelda games, but I really enjoy the handheld ones. Especially Phantom Hourglass and a lot of that is due to Linebeck. He is a big ol’ jerk who makes Link do the hard work, but deep down does care for the little hero! I had a mini fangasm when Linebeck III appears in Spirit Tracks. I can always handle more Linebeck!

omg epic cosplay
Most amazing cosplay EVER

Shouma is from Mawaru Penguindrum, a very strange and emotional anime. I had no idea where the anime was taking me and when the journey came to an end I cried and cried. If you are up for a show that has lots of feels and cool scenes, check it out! Shouma was one of the main characters. Him and his brother Kanba are trying to obtain a mysterious item to help save their sick sister Himari’s life. Shouma was a protective brother and very softhearted. I love his bright blissful appearance. I liked Kanba as well, but not nearly as much as Shouma. They were both great brothers though. I can’t keep thinking of the show or I’ll get depressed!

gonna go cry now
Kanba and Shouma with Himari and their Penguins

I have to put in Ryuuji from Toradora but it’s impossible to post a solo picture… he is just too cute with Taiga! Toradora is my favorite romantic comedy and part of that is definitely because Ryuuji and Taiga remind me of me and my husband. Ryuuji does the cooking and taking care of Taiga while she is a bitchy little princess, but she really does care about Ryuuji and you see that as the anime progresses. It’s like an extreme version of us! The last bunch of episodes for this series are very d’awww worthy and there are some very memorable scenes that stick out in my mind. If you like silly slice of life anime that also has some serious and loving scenes check it out!

I think that is enough males on my blog for now. Next post will have to include more girls… and Pokemon. Definitely can use more Pokemon. And did you know it’s only 10 days to Christmas!?!?! Why not enjoy some Hetalia Christmas songs!? Here is Santa Claus is Coming to Town and We Wish you a Merry Christmas! They are very interesting!

Chriiiistmas and anime guys!!!


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  1. Delenir says:

    The best part is Taiga and female pkmn trainers

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