I’m here to say “I love shoujo romance”

I seem to have developed a love for shoujo and romance goodness this anime season. In addition to Kamisama Hajimemashita and The Monster Seated Next to Me, the husband and I stumbled across Say “I love you”. (Suki-tte Ii na yo.) on Crunchyroll.

The girls holding tiny versions of their romantic interests of the romances I’m watching this season!

It started airing around the same time as the other shows and is heavy on the romance. However, where the other two shows have the comedy genre, Say “I love you” is more focused on drama than comedy. Not to say there hasn’t been any funny moments in the three episodes we’ve seen. It’s just been heavier on the drama. There are a lot of bitchy girls in this show, so if you don’t like shows with romantic drama and mean girls this might not be for you. I am loving it, however, because the main characters are just adorable.

Say "I love you"
Mei and Yamato with kitties

The series starts off with a glimpse at Mei’s past- Mei was blamed by her friends and classmates for the death of the class rabbit, although it was not her doing. Due to this sad experience, she decided to never trust anyone again and has not made a new friend for many years. This causes Mei to develop major trust issues and she literally does not talk in school  and refuses of socialization to protect herself from being hurt by people who may just be faking to be her friend. All she has is her mother and her cat, Marshmallow.

hello marshmellow
This is Marshmallow. He is amazing because he is a cat.

Mei is the target of harsh comments because of her distant nature, gloomy face, and silence. When fellow a fellow classmate bumps into her and apologizes, insisting it was an accident, she simply shoots a death glare and storms off. The classmate was Kenji who was getting excited talking about breasts or something to Yamato, the main male character. Yamato is very surprised by Mei’s behaviour and Kenji explains how no one has ever heard or talk. Yamato is fairly intrigued by this Mei girl. I think he may have been a bit surprised and concerned that there was such a person who never talked to anyone. Although Yamato is the most popular guy in school due to his good looks, he is also well liked since he is a very pleasant and genuinely friendly guy. He’s not some phony playboy.

Yamato being disturbed by Kenji’s obsession with another character’s massive boobs

Later the same day, Yamato is hanging with Kenji who is being a pervert by friendly teasing some girls they know for having such short skirts. Being a perv, Kenji notices a girl up the staircase they are at the foot up with a knee length skirt, and feeling that is a pretty sexy fashion statement as well tries to flip her skirt (this guy’s brain runs off panties and boobs, thus rendering him unable to think clearly). Of course, this unsuspecting target is Mei who is horrified and thinks she is being picked on when she realizes it’s Kenji and Yamato again. Yamato tries to rush in and apologize for his friend’s pervy behaviour, but before he can get a good word in, Mei kicks him.

Nice way to meet someone!

And that is how the love interests first interaction goes. You’d think this kick would turn Yamato off, but he becomes even more interested in Mei after their staircase encounter. Yamato stops Mei at the shoe locker. Mei assumes he is there for an apology (since she had a bitchy note in her cabinet from the girls who witnessed the kick) and mumbles a ‘sorry’ to him, but he actually had approached her for her phone number. Mei is flabbergasted and thinks Yamato is trying to pick on her but he insists he is genuine and wants to get to know her since she seems interesting. Mei refuses to give in and won’t give him her cell number, but Yamato writes his down and gives it to her, telling her to call anytime. She insists she won’t and gloomily walks off. Yamato flags her down a few times in school to say hello and ask why she hasn’t called but she gives him the cold shoulder. As stated before, Mei has mega trust issues!

Just wanted to share this picture because Yamato’s hair style kinda bugs me

However, Mei soon has to break down and call Yamato. After working her shift at a bakery, she is walking home and notices that one of the customers she often sees seems to be following her. She tries to say it’s a coincidence but when she stops into a corner store and the man waits outside for over 30 minutes she panics and calls Yamato after not being able to reach her mother. Yamato is at a nearby karaoke and rushes over to rescue her by pretending to be her boyfriend in front of the creepy stalker customer man. Yamato takes Mei’s first kiss that moment, and then the feels start to flow.

Tachibana Mei!
Mei is so cute!

That is how Mei’s lonely secluded life transforms into adventures drama due to Yamato. Mei begins to like Yamato and he takes a liking to her as well, but this poses problems for poor passive Mei who doesn’t really understand emotions as she had stayed away from others for years. She finds it hard to believe a super popular guy would want to date her so she is very reluctant to call it a ‘date’ whenever they go out. Things also are complicated because Yamato is so popular he has tons of girls who would love to date him. One in particular is very bitchy to Mei when she comes across them, insisting there is no way Yamato would choose some girl like Mei over a girl he’s already slept with. Of course Mei doesn’t even know how to react to this, and just feels more confused and hurt.

keep your drama wit cho llama
There is many drama llama situations in this show!

I am really taken by this show because not only are the main character’s cute, but it’s a very realistic take on teen romance. Not all romances are rainbows and sunshine, especially in high school. Some of the characters are harsh and I could grind my teeth over how awful they are to Mei, but there are people like that in this world and I think it will just make seeing Mei and Yamato together even better. I sense even more drama to come and try to trouble their potential relationship, but I am excited to see the two kiss more and see more kitties (they show a lot of cats, okay?).

Super d’awwww! Can’t wait for this moment!

I recommend this show to anyone who likes romance and doesn’t mind dramas. I’m not a HUGE fan of romantic dramas (Nana is the only other one I can think of right away) but Mei is just so pitifully cute. Seeing her sit awkwardly among people at a karaoke because Yamato invited her is not only cute but I can relate to it. Throughout my school life I can recall some situations where I’ve felt like I didn’t belong. It will be nice to see Mei warm up to being around others. I’m really curious about how the relationship between her and Yamato goes as I often see pictures of another male character who may pose as a threat to the relationship. Funny how Mei goes from never talking to potentially being the love interest of TWO guys!

Shizuku and MeiWhich reminds me of another socially awkward lead girl I know!

That is enough rambling from me. I am enjoying this show and think you should watch it. You know, if you’re into cute awkward girls, drama llamas, bitches that you hope fall out a window, random  cute kisses, kitties, and such!



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2 Responses to I’m here to say “I love shoujo romance”

  1. Delenir says:

    That was good luck finding that combo art!

  2. Kevan says:

    I really enjoyed this anime, I watched almost the whole thing in one sitting and that is rare for me since I am also a video game addict. I need to find more like this one, I like the entire theme of this anime and I wish I could find another like this. I have also watched my little monster :3

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