I love Christmas. I love posting random pictures. It’s like I finally have a purpose for my tons of folders of anime (which I had sorted by series!). In honour of my decorated house and festive mood, I shall post some adorable Christmas themed anime pictures from some of my favorite shows, and games! Crank up the Christmas songs!!! (●´∀`●)

Madoka Magica
Starting with a cute, happy photo of the girls from Madoka Magica! If only they could spend Christmas like that together!!!

Lucky Star
Ah Lucky Star… I love these girls. They are so cute. I love this pose and their cute warm santa-like outfits. And Konata! *w*

Panty and Stocking
Now for something just silly. Panty and Stocking is so ridiculous that this picture doesn’t really surprise me (not even Brief riding Garterbelt in the back surprises me)

Penguindrum ;_;
Mawaru Penguindrum made me cry and feel all the feels, so it’s nice to see a cute heart-warming Christmas fanart. It’s a bittersweet feeling I have looking at this.

Oh Minami-ke, you are so underrated!!! These sisters have some great adventures! The Merry Christmas cake looks so good!

I was pleasantly surprised to come across this piece of artwork. Victorique from Gosick in a Christmas scene! SO CUTE!!!

I find it refreshing to see Christmas artwork that isn’t all about the sexy Santa suits (Not that I don’t like sexy Santa suits…!). In this case, most of the Higurashi cast’s outfits are frumpy but adorable!

So speaking of sexy Santa suits… the tsundere Kirino of Oreimo and her model friends are wearing fairly sexy outfits!!!

K-on Yui and MioMy two favorite girls from K-on, Yui and Mio!

Chu2KoiOne of the many shows I’m watching this season, Chu2Koi! I adore this show and love this piece of artwork! There is no version without the text all over it yet. That’s okay, because look how cute Rikka and pals are!

Nia and YOKO!
You knew I was going to include something like this, right? Nia and Yoko from Gurren Lagann, with Yoko being bootylicious as always!

Suzumiya Haruhi
Oh Yuki, you just sit there as Haruhi forces Mikuru into a sexy Santa outfit. I love these guys.

Taiga manages to be the cutest despite being in the most clothes! See, sexy outfits aren’t always the best!

Hidan no Aria
Aria from Hidan no Aria looking very bashful about her Christmas attire!

Bakemonogatari girls, with Senjougahara in the center looking confused but adorable!

So this was literally the only Christmas themed fanart I could find for Mirai Nikki. It’s Yuno being very ecchi with random kitties around her. Yuno is pretty darn cute despite being psycho!

axis powers
I couldn’t post just girls. So here’s the Italy, Germany, and Japan looking great!

Umineko lol
I had to include Beatrice from Umineko looking like a Christmas tree. It is just so amusing.

Pokemon Black
Oh N, not sure what to do with Hilbert and Hilda hanging off you~ such a cute Pokemon Christmas picture! Winter Deerling is always a plus!

A Happy Holidays to you from Maxwell. Scribblenauts is an amazing game, especially the Wii U/3ds version!

I love Kirby games. They are always a good time, so here is one of Kirby and Ribbon frm the N64 game being festive and adorable!

As always I could be here all evening sharing adorable pictures. I’m sure I’ve spammed enough images to keep anyone content. I’m going to listen to more Christmas music and drink something warm!!!

Horo the wise wolfClosest to Christmas themed I could get for Horo. She’s great at making Lawrence snowmen, though!


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I'm a super geeky mom who loves anime and video games! I also love to write posts about the ones I like. If you enjoy reading blogs that are loaded with images and ramble on about 2D girls, you'll like this blog well enough!
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  1. Delenir says:

    This post confirms that Taiga is the cutest character!

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