Pokemon Gijinkas!

For your casual Friday post (as I laze about listening to Christmas music), I want to share images of some of my favorite Pokemon gijinkas!

Double the Marill, double the cuteness!!!

I adore Trubbish but don’t like Garbodor because it’s fugly, but THIS IS ADORABLE!

My favorite eeveelution… sooo cute!

Ho-oh x Lugia
Ho-oh and Lugia looking majestic together~Shikijika
Spring Deerling, squeeeaaaal!

I think Volcarona is a beautiful critter, for a bug type, so here is a beautiful version!

Had to include this precious Eevee personification!

Sassy male and female version of Serperior. I love it!

Reshiram and Zekrom
Zekrom and Reshiram looking brilliant!

Oh I have to stop, I could be here all day posting pictures!!! If you enjoyed these humanized Pokemon pictures you can check out tons more. I like to use Zerochan to look at pictures as it compiles them from various sources and artists and has a good search engine! You can find humanized Pokemon picture by looking up Moemon too! A cute alternate term for these gijinka cuties!

trio of cute
Finishing off with a triple cuteness overload!!! Guess those Pokemons!


About AniMom

I'm a super geeky mom who loves anime and video games! I also love to write posts about the ones I like. If you enjoy reading blogs that are loaded with images and ramble on about 2D girls, you'll like this blog well enough!
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2 Responses to Pokemon Gijinkas!

  1. Delenir says:

    They even make garbador look cute!!!

  2. I guess the Pokémon (from left to right) are, Vulpix, Azurill, and Jolteon. 🙂

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