Anime … Guys!?

As you know, I am a fan of 2D girls. I just like girls because they have nice hair and wear skirts. Maybe part of my love for anime girls is because I wish I could be that cute? Anyway, even though my list of imaginary crushes are girls, I do like some anime guys, too!!!

I love genderbending, too, but I’ll save that for another time!

So without further delay… here are some characters I like that don’t have boobs!

Okay so my top favorite anime guy EVER is North Italy from Hetalia. I just… I don’t know what it is. I’m drawn to his silly nature. He naps whenever he has the chance, rolls around with cats, mass produces white flags, randomly runs around naked, and is obsessed with pasta. He is a silly scaredy cat who can’t even tie his own boots without Germany’s help. Despite being the main character of Hetalia he doesn’t seem to be a top favorite among fans because he is such a loser, but that is why I love him!!! He is so silly and cute. Plus gay innuendo doesn’t hurt (the whole series is trolling with potential boylove) and Germany acts right tsundere around him. I ADORE ITALY, ESPECIALLY WITH GERMANY, OKAY!?

I love how Italy interacts with Japan, too. I love these three so much!

I felt this post would not be complete without characters from Pokemon, but I had to really rack my brain to decide what male characters I liked. I realized the only ones I ever potentially fangirl over are these fellows: Cheren, Hilbert, and N. Especially N and Cheren. N just fascinates me and has such lovely fanart it’s hard to not adore him, and despite Cheren coming off a bit as a jerk due to his serious nature and desire to become stronger, I do think he’s pretty cool. I like his glasses and I sure wouldn’t complain if my husband cosplayed as him! Hilbert is the male trainer from Black/White and while he’s not a character I freak out over, I think he just looks so nice between Cheren and N! ─‿‿─

I don’t exactly fangirl over Kyon from Haruhi but I do really like him. He’s just a regular guy who suddenly gets tangled up in Haruhi’s crazy antics and being Kyon, he just sighs and goes with him. I love how he just puts up with everything for the lols. Plus he looks pretty cool with his scarf, and my husband did cosplay as Kyon once! Also, the fact there is a popular genderbend version, Kyonko! So cute!

I couldn’t resist putting a chick in here! Kyonkooo~!

Mizuki and Tomoe are from Kamisama Hajimemashita, oneof the shows I am watching this fall season. I adore the shoujo romance goodness of it. Tomoe is a fox demon with a sassy attitude. I can’t resist his ears and tail! And Mizuki is a snake demon. He is very nice but sometimes devious. The two of them are just cute and funny together, but they both truly care for Nanami. I also love their traditional outfits, too. Such style!

Lawrence is from Spice and Wolf and is another character I like who finds himself tangled up with the affairs of a girl. In this case it’s Horo, a wolf deity who wants to find her way back home to the North. Lawrence being a good guy and all takes her along and decides it’d be cool to teach her economics. I totally didn’t understand any of the money stuff in the series, but I know I do love how Lawrence interacts with Horo (peddling, Lawrence buying apples for Horo, drinking together, Horo passing out, repeat) and since my son is named Lawrence… I can’t deny I partly named him that after this character!

Sion and Nezumi are from No. 6 which was a fun dystopian anime with a hint of boylove. I wasn’t overly in love with Sion, but Nezumi was a pretty BAMF who ends up warming up to silly little Sion despite their differences. I think they are adorable together and Nezumi has little rats he can command. How can I not love them!?

I do love me some legit shonen-ai sometimes, and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi was a very lovely shounen-ai series. The main couple Ritsu and Takano were the ones I cared about the most. Although Ritsu’s defiant attitude of ‘absolutely not loving Takano’ got annoying sometimes because he OBVIOUSLY had the hots for him, I still adored watching these two hook up and the flashbacks of their cute high school relationship. Takano looks awesome in those glasses, too.

Loveless is a very unique story. The anime leaves you hanging and the manga had been delayed for quite some times, so I need to catch up and see where it was going. Ritsuka is the main character and in the setting, all young characters have cats ears and tails. How could I not adore his cute black ears and tails!? Then Soubi comes along and complicates everything… even though Soubi is a total pedobear (Ritsuka is 12 and Soubi is 20) I still like them together. I feel Ritsuka has more of a brotherly affection towards Soubi whereas Soubi is just… Soubi. It’s complicated. But… cat ears!!!

Ah Tadakuni, he is the newest guy I like to look at fanart of. He is from The Daily Lives of High School Boys which I recently started watching with the husband because once in a while it’s nice to watch an anime series that focuses on guys and not girls. We only watched a few episodes but it’s very amusing, and the very first short-story in the first episode has Tadakuni tricked into trying on his sister’s skirt. And man he looks better in a skirt than I do! So can you guess why I like him so much?

I love guys in skirts, okay? I mentioned Mako-chan from Minaki-ke in a previous post.
I love him, too!

And that pretty well ends the main guys that come to mind! I tend to like the fruitier guys, or the crossdressing ones, or the ones who are stuck with a troublesome girl (a few others I quite like are Ryuji from Toradora and Ayumu from Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? who put up with girls). Hmmm weird themes I got going on here! At least I proved I can like something besides anime girls!

Inga is pretty awesome, too, although he creeps my husband out. I love his panda hat~


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3 Responses to Anime … Guys!?

  1. Delenir says:

    Short skirts and long hair are the way to go!

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  3. YES! Kyon and my Pokémon boys!!! You rock! By the way, on your follow-up post to this, you included the Special Adventures boys. They never were in the anime, only the manga. But I still love em!

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