From the New World

I’ve been watching Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World) as it’s been airing for the past 8 weeks and have been really enjoying it despite the questions it raises and has not answered yet (I just hate not knowing things!). It is a unique show that the husband and I really enjoy because of it’s mysterious and strange premise.

The story revolves around Saki, a 12 year old girl and her four close friends. They are living in what seems to be a utopia 1000 years in the future where everyone develops telekinetic powers. Saki is a late bloomer but is shown finally developing her powers and advancing to the school that her friends are already in. In school the group learns how to master their powers and history. In this future electronics seem to have disappeared, probably due to the fact they have telekinesis that helps them with everyday life (although I believe the students are prohibited to use it without permission of adults). In this future there are also strange creatures called “queerats” that look like strange short rat-like humans who faithfully serve humans who they regard as God’s because of these powers.
It seems like an ideal era that Saki and friends live in.

The five characters, Shun, Satoru, Saki, Mamoru, and Maria

As part of their schooling, Saki and her friends go on a camping trip alone. The group ends up discussing rumors and legends around a camp fire, about things like “balloon dogs” and “Minoshiros.” Satoru, who is the cheeky one of the crew, insisted he heard from someone that these creatures were spotted but he can’t remember who told him. Although the group is skeptical, they decide it’s a good idea to venture out of their campground into territory they were not granted permission to go on. They find an abandoned shrine and end up discovering the creature Minoshiro that they thought was just a story. The strange creature ends up being a biological library of some sort who tells the children facts about their history and human nature that they find shocking and hard to believe.

The Minoshiro looks like somethin from a Miyazaki film

Saki and her friends are caught by a local Monk who finds them guilty of listening to lies from a false Minoshiro and treading on lands they were not permitted to during a school trip. The group ends up with their powers temporarily sealed and then get themselves in the middle of a battle between queerats, where they manage to reactivate their powers due to Saki’s discovery of being able to do so through hypnosis.  They return home from these misadventures, assuming no one would ever know what had happened during the trip since the Monk had an unfortunate end in the middle of all this.

I really like their uniforms, they wear really unique outfits in this world!

Fast-forward to 2 years later. Saki and friends are 14 years old and suddenly everyone at their school seems to be… homosexual.

Not gonna lie, I was definitely pleased with the Saki x Maria and Shun x Satoru content!

The latest episode made it a point to show most of the kids were turning to same-sex relationships, but there is more behind this than the anime just trying to pump out fanservice (not that it wasn’t fun to watch). If you watch the show, the Minoshiro talks about some scientific aspects of the humans that Saki keeps remembering… I won’t go into detail as I don’t claim to 100 per cent understand it, but I’ve read a few reviews of this episode that also point out what the Minoshiro had said previously. Also, some people speculate in this futuristic time, it’s normal for young adults to turn to the same gender since being intimate with the opposite gender is saved for after marriage. All these kids hormones are probably raging, so can you blame them!?

These two are cute together!

Saki, despite being in a relationship with Maria, actually has eyes for Shun. During the episode, Shun breaks his relationship with Satoru and claims to want to be alone. Saki seems to want to confess to Shun, but Shun says he is ill and has to go away. The previews showed Shun goes missing the next episode. This show leaves me in suspense…

During the series, some students went missing after not doing so well in school. And there was flashbacks to a history when there was a leader who would kill his people for no good reason. There was also flashbacks to 1000 years prior which would be around present time, to when there was a war between regular humans and ones that had suddenly developed telekinesis.  There is a lot of history that Saki and the other students are not told. Lots of secrets and hidden history of this world… This show has great potential. I am excited to see where it goes with this!


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  1. Delenir says:

    It gets better and better!

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