I’d like to quickly talk about Okami which was made for PS2 with a Wii port, and just on October 30 had a downloadable HD version come out on PS3!

Okami is a beautiful game. I’ve played through the majority of it twice but have yet to beat it. What a great opportunity, then, that the HD version is out and shows off the beauty of the game better than ever! Perfect time for me to play through a third time and finally approach the last area!

Apparently the difference is this drastic!?

I’d find it hard to believe if you’ve said you’ve never even heard of this game. It’s a splendid game where you play as Amaterasu, a sun goddess wolf, who is helping restore the cursed lands of Nippon with her unique ability the Celestial Brush. You are accompanied by an inch high guide Issun who is a hilarious little guy. You first meet him as he is jumping out of Sakuya, a wood sprite’s, kimono. He is a comedic fellow. There are a lot of characters you meet along the way that are funas well, like Susano who is supposed a reincarnation of a hero who is a slacker, Priestess Rao who Issun ogles because of her large bust, and Waka who is just a weirdo.

Waka speaks random french and his sword is named Pillow Talk

This game is gorgeous as well. As Amaterasu you revive cherry blossom trees and feed animals and replenish the lands. I can’t even explain how pretty it is, and how rewarding it feels to restore the land throughout the game. If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, I’d say check out some youtube videos or play the game as screenshots and videos alone do not do it justice.

This game is so beautiful!

I could go on for hours about how fun this game is but instead I will share a picture of Okami from Capcom Vs Marvel 3 that features Amaterasu!

I haven’t tried this game yet but would love to!!!!

So there ends another simple post where I brag up a game I enjoy. To be honest, I rarely play games that are not Pokemon, but Okami’s art and gameplay quickly sucked me in. I recommend it to anyone who likes to have fun!


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