I was originally going to dedicate my next post to Shin Sekai Yori, but that has to wait because I just saw the news that the Hetalia anime is getting a fifth season in January!!!

Hetalia has always had a special place in my anime loving heart! I don’t think I’m so horrible a fangirl that I would be classified as a “hetafag,” but I do adore the show and seeing this news has awakened the boylove fangirl inside me that had been resting for a while. BUT IT HAS BEEN AWAKENED

Hetalia is a big favorite of mine because of all the funny scenes, gay innuendo among a mostly male cast, and all the hilarious stereotypes (since the characters are countries). The fact the episodes are only 5 minutes long is nice, too, because I think it’d be a bit too ridiculous if the episodes were a half hour long.


If you don’t know what Hetalia is, it’s basically history class as an anime with the countries humanized as bishounen. A lot of it takes place during WW2, but sometimes goes back to the past when Ancient Rome was around or fastfowards to present day. It’s pretty random. I am pretty sad to say I learned a LOT about history from this anime. A lot of people bitch about how Hetelia isn’t a replacement for history class. I agree history class is important but my history classes must have sucked because I didn’t even hear of the term Axis Powers and I had no idea Italy even had anything to do with WW2 (I thought it was Germany/Japan vs. the entire world, mostly America, I guess? I don’t know I am a dumb girl).

my prancing brings all the gurls to the yard

So the fandom for this show is freakin’ insane and huge. There are a lot of really funny gifs and amazing artwork from the fandom out there but there are also some fandomers that are a bit overbearing, hence the creation of the term hetafag. Overall though I adore this anime and the funny stuff the fanbase can come up with. There are tons of paraody videos, crossover with other anime scenes, and there are even some serious RPG games (I’m looking at YOU, HetaOni!). I had to take a break from this fandom for a while simply because it was too addictive and there is just too much artwork and fanfics to look at (YES I READ FANFICS SOMETIMES) and some of it is seriously sad! I am impressed when someone can take Hetalia, a super fruity funny show, and make a comic strip that makes me teary eyed. ANYWAY forgetting about that particularly sad comic that still makes me feel dreary and moving on!


So if you haven’t realized yet, I am a Hetalia weeaboo but proud since I am not over the top. I could sit here all day and post hilarious gifs or go on about how I am not ashamed of shipping Italy/Germany. I could go on about how I love the creator because he has made official genderbends of the cast and draws the characters as cats and mochis. It is so much fun that I may just explode.

countries with their cat counterparts and nyotalia crew ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

I’m just going to stop now before I drive you insane with pictures or before I explode from massive Hetalia overload for the first time in months. Hopefully I will have a more sane looking post next time. However, I have to end this with a bunch of gifs. ENJOY!



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  1. Delenir says:

    I can’t wait for all the wonderful stereotypes!!!

  2. Mandy says:

    Listening to Gangnam stye while scrolling down to the last gif made me laugh. Also…. PAAASSSTTTAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~!

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