Today I want to post about an anime that will premiere October 1 (very soon!). I like checking out various animes that are lined up for the 2012 Fall season. Most have PVs (promotional videos) already and I watch them until I find some interesting ones to make sure I check out when they air. One I was very interested in was called Kamisama Hajimemashita¬†which is based on a manga of the same name (called Kamisama Kiss in English, though). I showed the PV to my friends since we’ve all be on a kind of ‘animal demon/spirits’ kick and this series is going to feature such characters!

Fox familiar and a high school girl… it certainly caught my attention!

Since I was so interested in this particular title I decided to check out the manga. I like to read manga once in a while and I haven’t read/watched a good cute shoujo series and figured this was a good choice. Oh boy was it ever an excellent choice! The plot is basically this: Nanami is a high school girl who becomes homeless because of her father’s gambling and debts. She isn’t homeless for too long, because luckily for her, she saves a weirdo who has been chased up a tree by dogs. As thanks, the weird man kisses her on the forehead and offers directions to a place she can stay. Nanami accepts and follows the map she was given and it brings her to an old shrine. Nanami soon realizes the shrine may be run down but is not uninhabited. Tomoe, a fox familiar, and two attendants appear thinking Nanami is Mikage, the man who had put his mark on her forehead and had been the God of the shrine 20 years ago. Tomoe is furious Mikage is still gone and has sent a human girl to take the place as God of the shrine and take on Tomoe as her familiar.

God and Familiar, so cute!

So after silliness ensues, Nanami manages to make Tomoe her familiar by kissing him (of course!). He does not deem her worthy of running the shrine as the land God but everything slowly starts to work out as the manga progresses. Other gods and familiars are introduced and they are all very interesting. There is a crow tengu that has become a young male idol in Japan, a Snake Familiar who takes interest in Nanami’s shrine because he is lonely, a pushy Thunder Goddess who wants Tomoe as her familiar, a Catfish deity that Nanami gives romantic help to, and a Dragon God who has some beef with Tomoe from 500 years ago. Most of the characters are male which is a common shoujo element. As you may have noticed I like anime girls… but once in a while I like shows that has a main female character and various male characters with lots of cute and romantic scenes!

Nanami surrounded by familiars. A lot of fans would probably love to be in her place!

Since Tomoe has become Nanami’s familiar, he is bound to her and has to obey her orders no matter what. It comes in handy for Nanami quite often since Tomoe can be a sassy fox! My friend who also decided to read the manga pointed out how it is similar to Inu Yasha, a series we both enjoyed in our early anime days. In Inu Yasha, a half human/half demon is bound to a human girl with a prayer necklace and he is also a sassy demon. It is similar is that way, but Kamisama Hajimemashita is much better because it does not have 56 volumes of manga, and I assume it will not be anywhere near 193 episodes and 4 movies… I do not prefer quantity over quality, and I feel that any series that is too long will lack the type of quality I like because I will get bored of it.

But not Kamisama Hajimemashita! I’m on Volume 6 and am loving the misadventures of Nanami and Tomoe. The situations they get themselves in are amusing and the heartfelt moments are definitely shoujo worthy! The relationship between Nanmi and Tomoe is fun to watch, because although they are master and familiar, Nanami begins to develop feelings for Tomoe but he is also a 500 year old fox who is hinted to have a somewhat dark past as a wild fox… I am very excited to see where this will go! And am SUPER pumped for the anime! If you’re into anime series with a cute anime girl surrounded by male animal familiars, you should tune into it too!!!

October 1, hurry up! I want to watch this!!!

EDIT: The husbando pointed out how this is somewhat similar to Inu x Boku SS as well! Which is a modern day series that has humans with youkai powers who have ‘Secret Service Agents’ with powers as well. The main characters are a cute girl with youkai powers and her SS Agent who is the reincarnation of a nine-tailed fox.

It wasn’t the best series I’ve seen, but these guys were certainly adorable!!!


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3 Responses to Kamisama!!!

  1. Delenir says:

    The first pic actually reminds me a lot of Inu x Boku!

  2. Ookami San says:

    wut is the anime called?

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